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Do you suffer from headache pain? Migraine headaches are amongst one of the highest on the list of health problems that people suffer from around the world every year. Headache pain is not normal and most can be resolved with chiropractic care and physical therapy.

Most headaches originate from a few sources in your neck, or cervical spine. When your spinal bones begin to shift from its normal midline position the nerves may become irritated. Your spinal nerves exit out from the spinal cord between the neck bones. This could be the source of headache pain that radiates up the back of your head and wrapping around in a head band presentation.

Also the joints of the spine can have an uneven weight distribution through them due to the misaligned bones creating pain at the base of the skull. Lastly, the muscles that attach to the improperly positioned spinal bones can become tight and spastic creating muscle tension and pain around the head as well.


Most Common Symptoms of Migraine Headaches

Patients with migraine headaches have reported these symptoms:

  • 75% report associated neck pain
  • 70% have a family history of migraine headaches
  • 50% report known triggers, like changes in weather, stress, lack of sleep, alcohol consumption, and eating certain foods.
  • 46% report nasal congestion.

Causes of Migraines

Migraines are usually unpredictable episodes that bring on a throbbing headache along with blurred eyesight. Many causes are linked to stress, and sudden changes in a daily routine. There are two different types of migraine:

  • Migraine with aura, formerly called common migraines
  • Migraine without aura, formerly called classic migraines

Many people who have a migraine with aura, see stars, or have fuzzy vision, or a temporary blind spot for about 30 minutes before their headaches starts. Although there is no real cure for migraines, there are other ways you can manage your condition by reducing the frequency of attacks, and reducing pain once an attack starts.

Causes of Headaches

Headaches occur for various reasons. A headache is your body’s way of signaling you that something is not right. Doctors of Chiropractic recognize that a headache is the body’s warning alarm that pain is linked to muscle tension and irritation in the nerves and blood vessels in the neck. The seven cervical vertebrae can become misaligned from excessive physical and emotional stress. Researchers are not very sure what causes a migraine, but they do know that it involves changes in the blood flow to the brain. When the blood vessels narrow or constrict, the reduced blood flow causes visual disturbances, difficulty speaking, weakness, and even numbness. Later, the blood vessels will dilate or enlarge, leading to increased blood flow, and a severe headache.

The mild cases of headaches often occur from the result of occasional “morning after” problems of drinking, excess, smoking, and even eating. Others may be the cause of improper diet, hunger, excessive noise, daily pressures, and infection. Researches have also found a genetic connection to migraine headaches. More than half of people with migraines have an affected family member.

A study conducted for different types of headaches including migraine to more than 2,600 patients demonstrated that chiropractic treatment may be provided as a good preventive treatment for migraines. Another study showed that the number of attacks lowered to up to 90% and had a rather significant reduction in pain intensity. In a 1999 study, migraine attacks are directly correlated to stress claimed by 80% of the patients therefore researchers believe that through chiropractic care, the body’s reaction to stress can be reduced.

Treatment for Headaches & Migraines in Jacksonville Florida

Our Jacksonville chiropractors have a wide variety of tools available to treat your headaches. These treatments include

  • Spinal adjustment: The spinal adjustment is a technique that is hands-on using a gentle force or pressure to an area of the spine. Some other techniques your doctor will perform, along with the spinal adjustment are: manual therapy or mobilization of soft tissue, adjustment of subluxations, trigger-point therapy, and active release therapy. It is proven that spinal adjustments are one of the best alternative therapies in treating chronic headaches. In one analysis of nine separate studies involving almost 700 patients, spinal adjustment was shown to be as effective as drugs in treating the most common chronic headaches.
  • Muscle stimulation therapy: Muscle Stimulation also known as a TENS is used to relieve pain by applying energy to the skin to treat the soft tissues underneath, using electrical currents. The electric current stimulates a type of nerve fibers that interfere with the perception of pain, and it also provides a path for the body’s own pain relievers. Your brain produces a group of chemicals called endorphins to reduce pain. Usually, when pain or an injury causes these to be released, they travel throughout the body. This therapy helps direct the flow of endorphins to the specific spot that needs them, multiplying the effect they have.
  • Ultrasound: The activator method is a low-force chiropractic adjustment technique that uses specially-designed instruments to help the chiropractor restore your spines natural balance. By providing a controlled force in a specific direction and amount, this method provides quicker adjustments and are better than manual adjustments for some patients. Like all direct manipulations, this Activator Method monitors and affects the nervous system and its reflex mechanisms and is not simply a method of moving bones.

Diagnosis & Treatment Plan

Here at Integrative Healthcare Solutions we understand your desire to alleviate headaches and migraines. Our doctor practices a holistic approach that helps to reduce your discomfort and also strengthens your body to lessen your chances of future episodes. We combine chiropractic adjustments with lifestyle guidance, nutrition, stress relief, and corrective exercises for an overall, effective approach.

Not only will your migraines and headaches improve, so will your health. Your immunity will begin to increase, so your body is ready for changes in the season, which is something that probably could have triggered those headaches. We believe in making a difference through our alternative care approach and have seen much success through adjustments and lifestyle changes

The most common type of treatment used by chiropractors is called a chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment helps to align the joints and take pressure off of the nerves and blood vessels. This allows normal blood flow back into the brain, and decreases the severity and frequency of migraine headaches. Dr. Vesce will educate you on the reasons these migraines occur and uses chiropractic care to reduce your triggers. He will position your spine in a way to alleviate your pain by reducing pressure and muscle tension.

Only after a diagnosis of your headache type and the determination of its causes, your treatment plan will begin.

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