Herniated Disc

Slipped Disc, Herniated Disc Treatment in Jacksonville

There are many people that have heard of the term “Herniated Disc” or” Slipped Disc. These two terms are actually the same thing and the correct usage of the term is “Herniated Disc”, which is what I will refer to it as throughout this article. So let’s break it down.

What exactly is a herniated disc?

There is an intervertebral disc between each vertebra in the spine. The disc acts as a shock absorber and shock distributor when you move around. Also, the discs provide flexibility allowing you to bend and twist. Without intervertebral discs your spine could not function.

As for the term “slipped disc”, the intervertebral discs don’t really “slip”. When the cracks occur in the outer layer of the disc, the material inside begins to push out and cause the disc to herniate. If you happen to have poor posture or are overweight, there is too much stress on the disc which can cause pain as well.

Some common signs of disc problems include:

  • Back or neck pain
  • Leg or arm pain
  • Stiffness
  • Tenderness of the spine and spinal muscles

Natural, Non-Invasive Treatment in Jacksonville for Slipped Disc / Herniated Disc

Chiropractic care is a nonsurgical treatment option for herniated discs. A chiropractor can help determine if your pain is a herniated disc or back pain. At your initial appointment the doctor will perform a physical exam as well as orthopedic and neurological tests. During this exam the doctor will also evaluate your posture and may take x-rays. After the exam the doctor will determine what type of disc injury you have and create a treatment plan designed specifically for you!

Each treatment plan is unique to the patient. Depending on your level of pain, activity, overall health, and of course what the doctor thinks is best. This treatment plan will usually include spinal decompression, spinal adjustements, flexion-distraction, manual therapy, exercises, muscle stimulation and ultrasound. Most treatment plans last between four to six weeks, depending on the severity. This process will aim to reduce pain and discomfort to get you back to your normal daily routine. Chiropractic treatment is safe and effective!

The Flexion-Distraction Technique

A common technique is the flexion-distraction technique, which helps to address the herniated disc. There is no pain associated with this treatment. It involves gentle pumping to the painful area and allows the center of the intervertebral disc to go back in to its central position in the disc. By using this technique, it allows the doctor to isolate the affected area while being able to slightly “flex” the spine using a pumping rhythm.

Manipulation is most effective when combined with therapeutic exercises, which we also offer here at Integrative Healthcare Solutions. Dr.Vesce mentions that combining these two therapies, subsides your pain and improves your range of motion rather quickly.

Overall, everyone should make a conscious effort to prevent injuries such as these from happening. Make sure you participate in regular exercises to strengthen your back muscles, as well as being aware of maintaining your posture when you sit, stand, work and exercise. Always stretch! Follow these simple steps and you can be sure to reduce the possibility of a severe injury from happening.

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